Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket Opened to Public Display

Jeff Bezos opened gates to the public to see the suborbital rocket they had launched a few years ago, which they could successfully land vertically. So far, the rocket was used five times before being grounded. The rocket could possibly have been in its only public exhibition ever, after which it will be shipped permanently to a museum.

Public Display to Showcase Rocket

Blue Origin decided to keep the body of the rocket in its current condition, replete with weathering effects, marks, and blemishes, some of them intentionally kept to avoid disclosure of proprietary data. They also displayed a replica of the capsule, kept out on the ground for everyone to see. The public was even allowed to take simulated flights on the replica, although truncated. On Friday, Jeff also gave a tour to the famed Apollo astronauts along with a short speech describing his views on space travel for humanity. The Apollo astronauts included flight control operator Gene Kranz, Harrison Schmitt, Al Worden, Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, Frank Borman, Walt Cunningham, and Buzz Aldrin.

One Step Closer to Space Tourism

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin surprised its followers on Thanksgiving Day, 2015, by conducting a vertical launch for a suborbital rocket successfully. At the time, it was a very important step taken by Blue Origin towards Jeff’s goal of creating reusable crafts that could be used at transports for tourists into space. The original plan was to launch the tourists into sub orbit, where they will experience zero gravity for a short time, before falling back to Earth safely in the desert using retro-rockets and parachutes.