Digium Launches New Offering in Unified Communications

The Asterisk Company, Digium, Inc., recently unveiled core updates to its Switchvox US solution, including the release of four appliances in the high performance category. Digium also launched a 24×7 tech support system from the U.S. along with a streamlined pricing model. The tech support will be used for the newer on-premise deployments.

Digium Launches New E-Series Appliances

The E540, E530, E520, and the E510, the all new launches by Digium, are expected to be highly efficient and powerful Switchvox appliances, while being affordable at the same time. Their core audience is likely to be the midsized businesses that are looking for better suited options in terms of a VoIP phone system. Additionally, the company is offering enhancements on their current line up of Switchvox and their pricing models to make it more convenient for customers to make the purchase and for partners to make the quote. The company’s newly structured tech support for their on-premise deployments could allow for greater value on the current Switchvox line up.

Digium Trying for Mid-range Cost of UC Systems

According to Adam Kramer, the product manager for Digium’s Switchvox, a large number of unified communications systems offer a large number of options, but almost always comes with a price tag that midsized business may not be able to take on, making the entire process of buying a new phone system out of reach for them. The E-series from Digium’s Switchvox could be the solution that they are looking for. Digium plans to go for being the highest performing Switchvox appliances with their new E-Series models. The company also intends to make the pricing structure a lot more streamlined by unbundling software from the appliance and simplifying the user licensing terms.