Stiff Tumors Can be Softened using New Cell based Therapy

U.S. scientists have recently managed to produce a type of mesenchymal stem cell, using genetic engineering. The new types of stem cells are currently able to identify as well as target the stiffer tumors in or on a human body. Mechanoresponsive cell systems, according to the tests conducted on mice models with metastasized breast cancer, have shown potential confirmation on the ability to be selective when it comes to identifying and targeting cancer cells. The cell systems are also capable of completely leaving healthy cells alone, thereby causing no damage to them.

High Development Scope of Treatments

The research was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of California, and led by Weian Zhao, PhD and associate professor in pharmaceutical sciences. The team hopes that there is further development in the ability of these MSCs as well as other genetically engineered solutions for a number of cancer types, as well as fibrosis related complications.

According to Dr. Zhao, cancer in form of metastatic tissue is known to become stiff due to an above average gathering of collagen as well as crosslinking. The process not only creates cancer cells in the body, but also accelerates its growth rate towards metastasis. Their study was innovative in the sense that no other study directly targeted the biophysical properties of cancer tissue.

Potential Alternative to Chemo

While the primary aim of the research was to find a cure for cancer, as one of the larger problems plaguing the healthcare industry, the scientists claim that it could also be more useful as an alternative form of cancer treatments to the more conventional chemotherapy.