Orb Tracker, a New IoT Tracking Server by Gopher

Gopher Protocol, Inc., is a company that is focusing on the development of concepts in the AI enabled mobile technologies and the Internet of Things sphere. The company announced its plans to roll out its new IoT tracking server named Orb Tracker. The server is expected to be implemented this summer and will be the first advanced tracking server that is created to offer both software as well as hardware support for IoT products.

Tracking Server Series Planned

According to the Dr. Danny Rittman, PhD and CTO for Gopher Protocol, the company intends to create a series of servers that can offer clients a solid and streamlined method of reading and writing data on software applications as well as execute them across shared machines and programs. The new servers are going to make use of the proprietary technology created by Gopher Protocol. It is a private protocol that and allow for the mounting of data from mobile devices and client machines on to file systems and access portals for programs, in a manner similar to what they could do at a local scale. The servers run by Gopher Protocol will also be IoT native and will operate on a real time basis to take up the efficient use of tracking hardware. The company is additionally creating multiple servers to get ready for the early stages of tracking device production.

Efficient Employment of Parallel Computing

One of the more remarkable achievements by Gopher Protocol in the running of their IoT tracking servers is the use of architecture that implements parallel computing to process and execute multiple computing operations simultaneously. This allows the servers to divide the workload between processors in order to hasten the more complex and time consuming operations. Dr. Rittman added that this computation tactic allows them to surpass the restrictions imposed by sequential computing. The latter is almost always bottlenecked by practical issues in both hardware and software.