WTTx Network Launch Planned by Imagine and Huawei

Imaging Communications Group and Huawei have banded together to make the announcement that they are planning to make Ireland the first country in the world to be using a wide scale WTTx network. The strategic partnership is expected to make use of the LTE technologies that have recently been released. These technologies will be optimized to work solely as fixed access networks.

No Speed Loss from Urban to Rural

Imagine will make use of the WTTx solutions introduced by Huawei to produce a connectivity of above 200 Mbps across Ireland. This move is expected to no longer create the usual massive loss of connectivity speeds between urban areas and rural ones. The more recent technologies unveiled, such as Massive Carrier Aggregation, Massive MIMO, and other 4.5 technologies, hold capacities of more than 1Gbps in download speeds and are a providing an optimal path towards the future 5G technologies. These technologies are likely to use the more efficient CPE in order to connect these premises to a mast fiber and do it far more efficiently than other fiber access solutions. Within this technology cluster, the surging preference of WTTx as a valuable option against FTTx is speeding up the proposed 100% broadband availabilities in the world.

Internet Access to Everyone, Anywhere

The VP of Huawei Wireless Marketing and Solution Sales, Mao Dun, stated recently that the WTTx solution enabled by the company is able to offer internet connectivity to all their users at any location. He added that the strategic partnership with Imagine for the commercial space will help provide an optimized solution in WTTx technologies that are released solely as fixed network solutions. These are likely to become the key contenders to FTTx solutions and as capable of even overcoming several obstacles faced by the latter.