IBM Launches Encryption-oriented Mainframes

IBM has released new server systems that are aimed at being immune to hacking attempts. The company claims the new servers are a big step towards fighting the growing number of attacks on corporates by hackers.

IBM Z to Allow Better Real Time Encryption

The new mainframes are called IBM Z and offer a technically better way to run real time encryption for the data that passes through them. The overall project took two years of hard work for IBM employees and will be launched very soon. According to current data, most corporations are able to encrypt miniscule bits of extremely critical data in order to spare money and time. The act of dedicating more resources to encrypt all data could potentially cripple most companies financially, due to which many refrain from the practice, eventually leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks. According to the general manager for the IBM Z group, Ross Mauri, the changes they have incorporated into their systems include those made to the hardware at a microchip level. The addition of a vast number of additional transistors allowed them to create systems, each of which capable of performing 12 bn encrypted transactions each day. The Z series essentially reduces the overall cost and time taken to encrypt data considerably.

Adding Real Estate to Chips

IBM essentially added nearly six times the real estate on their chips and dedicated it solely for cryptography. While this is old news for the company, they went ahead to add the capability of these algorithms to be operate simultaneously and on the same scale. Additionally, the servers incorporate a storage system feature that imparts a self destruct key that can be used in the event data tampering is detected.