Motorola Solutions Introduces New Public Safety Response System

The critical nature of time is a well versed topic for first response teams and they need to make the most of every second, therefore requiring a highly streamlined communication process. One answer to this need was recently provided by Motorola Solutions, through a unique broadband based solution that can effortlessly perform mission critical communications. According to Motorola Solutions, this could revolutionize the way first response teams can react to protect civilians in need.

The PSX App Suite

The company has created an application that integrates mobile communications with first response team communications. For both ends of the app, the user experience and feel are relatively similar, especially in terms of displaying credentials and context. This will help reduce time for officers as they will not need to take extra efforts to add or display critical data through the apps. The apps can perform effectively across both LTE and LMR networks which can help unify the communications fields and minimize the field of importance that first response teams work within. Bruce Brda, Motorola Solutions exec VP for Products and Solutions, stated that the company is working on the next generation of interoperable communications that merge LTE and LMR networks, through an easy to use application system.

Added Features for Smoother Operations

In one of the examples shown by Motorola Solutions, a police officer can use or create a group that uses a push to talk feature to communicate with other officers. The other members of the task force could be using either smartphones or radios, it would not matter; the app will allow the team to function seamlessly over both networks and therefore share and display data instantly to each other.

The solutions were displayed by Motorola Solutions recently at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center.