Protecting Endpoint Messages using Blockchain Technology in the Near Future

Secure communications using end-to-end encryption of messages have been in use for a long time. But one must understand that data has to be protected, not during transit but when it is stored in our own devices, disks, memory and screen or through devices in the cloud. It is easier to read the messages from devices than to decrypt the encrypted messages.

EvilRegime and Information

Reading messages by unwanted people has been on the increase. With EvilRegime on the lookout for opportunities to gather information, being cautious about your information has to be stepped up. One of the most frequently used tricks is masquerading as the real company, when we install software into our devices. Taking control of our apps security should be related to the user and not be relied on app store security.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology may become a solution to such trickery and masquerades. The Blockchain technology helps us to verify the origin of the app installed by us, on our devices. Blockchain helps in confirming if our data has been tampered or not. To ensure the privacy of our information Signal helps to verify if there are secret backdoors. Till technology is able to bring in the best, through Blockchain, we can use apps such as end-to-end encryption to keep our devices and information safe. Until then maintaining password hygiene is best, whenever we install apps into our devices. Devices such as personal computers and Smartphone contain vital information that is not for other’s eyes. But getting information from these devices is very easy for almost anyone.

The Future Role of Blockchain

There are many criminal organizations and poor governance that wants information from people. The user should take adequate protection to keep all individual information safe. With Blockchain still in its initial stages, it will soon help to secure endpoints by the user himself. Blockchain will soon overtake other crytocurrencies and Bitcoin with its technology.