China Gets its Own Gigabit Network

Ericsson and China Unicom have announced the official launch of China’s Gigabit LTE network. The network’s commercial launch will now enable subscribers to avail high speed broadband data and other added benefits. The network is based off upgrades made by Ericsson and relies on their latest technologies to provide customers the ultimate experience in network speeds, while also imparting better customer support services. The new network is claimed to make complete use of available resources while improving the profitability of the carriers involved.

A New Age in Innovation

The general manager of China Unicom’s Hainan branch, Hao Liqian, stated that this achievement has been a remarkable goal in fulfilling the company’s long standing dream, which is to provide advanced technologies and services to both enterprises and individual demographics based off the network provided by China Unicom. The inauguration event held by the company has also been fun and important, adds Hao Liqian, introducing new innovative possibilities such as using virtual reality for customers while on the move. The launch ceremony was conducted recently and involved access to Hainan island high speed trains for an LTE broadcast of the gigabit wireless network.

Entrusting Users with the New Network

Ericsson’s head of market in the North East Asia region, Chris Houghton, stated that they are giving the power of the network and its capabilities directly into the customer’s hands. The network will be able to provide a new level of immersion to users in video streaming in a way where they can feel the actual significant difference between current gen networks and the gigabit network. The network also adds the capability of uninterrupted data transmissions for users even while moving at high speeds.

The networking revolution is being brought about by Ericsson through the combinational use of three of its newer standards: MPED DASH, HEVC (H.25), and eMBMS.