Upcoming Apple Data Center Powered by 100% Renewables

In a highly ambitious plan set up by Apple, their next data center will be run on nothing but renewable energy sources. The ultra modern data center is slated to be built in Waukee, Iowa, across 400,000 square feet. The data center will provide upgraded service to users of Apple services in North America. These services will include the App Store, Siri, and iMessage.

Heavy Investments for a Greener Future

The data center is expected to run off renewable energy sources right off the bat, in similar manner as most Apple data centers have recently been running. Apple has so far dedicated a US$1.3 bn investment into creating more than 500 new jobs in construction projects and operations for the area of Des Moines. Apple has also siphoned off US$100 mn for the Public Improvement Fund, a new effort aimed at developing the infrastructure and community in and around Waukee. This fund will be managed by the City of Waukee and is intended to aid the establishment and maintenance of new community oriented projects, including parks and recreational spaces, libraries, along with other niche community infrastructure requirements. A part of the fund is also going towards the construction of the Waukee Youth Sports Campus.

Apple Investments in Renewables Expand

According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, the company has always looked towards improving consumer experience, and one of the steps taken in this direction includes setting up the new data center in Iowa. The new project will add significantly to the employment scope in the region and will also herald a new era of renewable energies.

Bill Peard, Waukee mayor, stated that the city is proud to welcome Apple’s new endeavor, attributing the increase in available jobs for the region as well as the contributions that Apple plans to make into improving the region’s infrastructure.