New Tool for Solar Forecast Could Raise Efficacy and Reduce Expenses

A group of researchers from the Sheffield University has built up a solar forecasting service, in order to help in raising the efficacy of the electricity system and cut down energy costs. Sheffield Solar, based in the Sheffield University’s Department of Physics, has developed an aid which offers forecasts for generation of energy from the photovoltaic (PV) systems across the U.K. for almost 72 hours ahead.

This tool is created for the electricity grid handlers along with traders and energy generators. With the accelerated adoption of solar photovoltaic systems, there has been an increased demand for precisely measuring and forecasting the impact of these solar so as to blunt its interruption on the electric network.

Renewable energy has went on to shatter records this year, as per the national press reporting. For instance, it generated over 50 percent of demand for electricity in one lunchtime in the month of June with solar putting in a quarter of the demand share in late May. This underlines the requirement for more monitoring of our sources of energy and maintain a balance between renewable sources, other generating technologies, interconnectors, and energy storage as we gradually make a shift towards smart grid systems.

As solar cannot be tames, it impacts the balance of demand and supply in the electricity network. Uncertainty in predicting results of PV in the requirement for backup generators to give more reserve capacity, makes it costlier in handling the grid. But with precise forecasts, the reserve amount can be cut down, reducing expenses for National Grid and so for the tax payers.