Snapchat Will Feature a Daily News Show

Snapchat is one of the messaging apps that have a number of addicts glued to it. Snapchat has been in the news for good and bad reasons owing to its new additional features or creating a replica of features similar to its rival. The company has recently decided on adding a daily news show to its platform.

The streaming has been named “The Update” that will have minimum five news stories covered by the reporters or bureaus from across the world. The daily show will attract a number of youngsters interested in reading as well as keeping themselves updated. Similar to Snapchat there are many other networks exploring the news domain as well. Hence, it definitely looks like there are popular networks trying to connect to millions of people by creating more digital contents.

Snapchat Will Feature a Daily News Show

The daily news being given to people through the social media is something amazing. And Snapchat entering this field is no big surprise as there are already many social media platforms using the daily news show to increase their popularity among the users. The CNN has millions of viewers visiting its sites through their smartphones or desktops; hence making it one of the top digital news sources.

The Update feature will start at 6 PM ET daily and will be featuring the footage from the field as well as video shot only for Snapchat. Currently, Snapchat does not seem to be in a good position owing to its huge decline in the shares. Snap Inc. has fingers being pointed towards it regarding its incapability to fight its rivals in terms of attracting users and advertising their features. The company plans to stand up to all that is being told.

The CNN was an original content provider for Discover, a feature launched by Snapchat earlier in 2015 wherein the users could watch the stories being published by different publishers. Lately, The Update will be CNN’s primary show on Snapchat. NBC’s Stay Tuned has already gained momentum since its launch. Thus, CNN is sure about its success on Snapchat.