Reliance Jio Discontinuing Unlimited Voice Calling Will Hamper the Telecom Market

Even though Reliance Jio has been providing a difficult time of its rivals from previous year by offering generous 4G data and free voice calls, it also has the power to cease the facility of free voice calling for some subscribers.

The telecom major claims that it has all privileges to stop the service of free voice call post 300 minutes if they discover out that the number is being utilized in a fraudulent service or for commercial use. Even though the decision is fare, it might hamper the telecom market a tad bit.

Reliance Jio Discontinuing Unlimited Voice Calling Will Hamper the Telecom Market

Reliance Jio claims that it will consider commercial use once the outgoing usage of voice exceeds 1200 Minutes for 7 Days or 300 Minutes each day or 3,000 Minutes each month (28 Days in this case), whichever strikes earlier.

The main reasons that are affecting the development to the global telecom market are the increasing hard work that are done in order to install the 4G and 5G networks, growing infiltration of the technology all over the world, and the evolution in the IoT. The other reason that is propelling the market is the broad usage of the exaggerated services due to the rising demand from the industry for the non-linear media. Noteworthy breaks for the global telecom technologies market will be unlocked due to the introduction of the big data. Various leading market players have announced affordable network plans which are fueling the market. Huge investments are successfully made for the R&D processes of the telecom technology. Due to the rising number of businesses, various operators that are playing in the telecom industry since ages have enhanced the connectivity and capacity of their network which can be held accountable for growth of the market.

Conversely, hefty cost for deployment, maintenance, and up gradation of the devices utilized in the telecom market is hindering the global market.

For now, the global telecom market is surging due to various offers by entire telecom industries and its current players, especially the newbie Reliance Jio. But it seems that this decision by Jio of limiting voice usage will have a negative impact on the sector.