Rising Awareness among Consumers: A Boon to Organic Dairy Products Market

Organic dairy products are basically dairy products that are prepared from organic milk gained from sheep, cows, and other animals nurtured by organic farming techniques. The animals are given organic fodder and feed in this approach. No artificial antibiotics, chemicals, and hormones are involved in of the production phases. Thus, organic dairy milk is harmless for well-being of an individual. The food products consist of organic yogurt, organic milk, organic butter, and organic cheese. Thus, with the rising alertness about the organic dairy products, customers are gradually purchasing more products, which have ultimately led to the growth of the organic dairy products market.

Rising Awareness among Consumers: A Boon to Organic Dairy Products Market

The market has witnessed a stable growth owing to the constant launch of novel organic dairy products such as energy and flavored organic milk drinks. The government organizations together with the organic dairy product producers are encouraging and highlighting the advantages linked to the use of these products. However, bogus products pose a great threat to the growth of the market. Also, huge input cost is required in the production of organic milk. Additionally, the ongoing study on the organic dairy products also serves as a hindrance to market growth.

There has been an increase in the several health-associated problems owing to the extreme use of fertilizers, pesticides, sewer sludge, and ionizing radiation. Usually, hormones such as rbST and BGH are instilled to the cattle to boost the production of non-organic milk that results in the escalation of IGF-1. And further, this IGF-1 is taken up into the human bloodstream during intake thus escalating the incidences of breast cancer.

However, in the forthcoming years, the market for organic dairy products is expected to grow owing to the rising health attentiveness among the customers. Alertness of farmers regarding the usage of bio-fertilizers for organic grass cultivation for nourishing the cattle will aid in expenditures in the organic dairy products. Nevertheless, high costs of these products can hinder the growth of the market. Also, the market is extremely fragmented owing to the existence of several big and small merchants. But, the initiative takes by the private provides may boost the market growth.