Microsoft Purchases Virtual Reality Platform AltspaceVR

In an attempt to boost its vision of Mixed Reality, Microsoft has purchased AltspaceVR, the California-located virtual reality social network, for an unnamed sum.

“With the AltspaceVR group on ship, we seek forward to make the pre-eminent mixed reality community of the world,” inventor of HoloLens at Microsoft, Alex Kipman, claimed to the media in an interview at an event last week. AltspaceVR is among the leading players in immersive communications. “It brings individuals in virtual reality together from more than 160 nations to attend comedy shows, meet-ups, dance parties, yoga classes, and huge-scale events hosted by Reggie Watts, NBC, Drew Carey, Justin Roiland, and more,” Kipman claimed.

Microsoft Purchases Virtual Reality Platform AltspaceVR

As per him, on October 17, 2017, Mixed Reality fans of Windows can take more pleasure as compared to 20,000 apps in the play store of Microsoft. “We lately declared that the trendiest VR games are coming to the Windows Mixed Reality and Microsoft Store,” Kipman further claimed. “Halo” game aficionados will be capable of getting their initial glimpse of what Halo and mixed reality can feel together.

Mixed reality on Windows desktops starts with the forthcoming roll out of the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10. “It is the 1st spatial operating system fully incorporated with a library of content that will motivate you, and a series of the easiest and best to use and most reasonably priced headsets coupled with the most influential motion controllers,” Kipman claimed.

In addition to this, Microsoft next month is to upgrade its flagship OS so that the newest generation of software and hardware devices of Windows 10 can click into virtual and augmented reality techs, managers claimed last week to the media in an interview.

The software update, its 4th update, will be provided from next month to current users of Windows 10 operating on over 500 Million devices, the firm claimed to the media in blog post. Microsoft also declared that plans by virtual reality headset and computer makers will roll out new hardware for consumers, businesses, and video gamers to take benefit of alleged features of mixed reality in the software release due next month.