Impact Of IOT in the Healthcare Sector

The effect of linked gadgets on healthcare is not one-sided. In fact, the healthcare segment is one of the huge boosters of production and innovation in the smart device segment. This is particularly rampant when in terms of wearables.

Global Industry Analysts Inc. anticipates that the clinical wearable gadgets market will cross a capitalization of $4.5 Billion by the end 2020. The firm claims that this is owing to the rising requirement for chronic diseases’ effectual management. “The worldwide market for wearable devices carries to expand momentum from the quick acceptance of these gadgets amongst patients,” the firm claimed in a post.

Impact Of IOT in the Healthcare Sector

It also claims that the augmented concerns related to affordability of healthcare are boosting greater interest in tiling linked gadgets to control chronic circumstances. Information from Statista displays that from 2015 to 2016, sales income from healthcare wearable gadgets increased 3x. By the end of this year, they expect the income will augment more 2.5x since last year.

There is one huge elephant in the room that needs to be addressed when it comes to the healthcare and IoT—data privacy. Smart gadgets arrive with privacy and security concerns. These days, attackers are repeatedly hunting new methods to develop this tech to collect information on consumers. This is no separate when it is related to IoT couple with healthcare. Particularly pacemakers have been in the limelight for the hunting of huge vulnerabilities in safety.

Milan Patel of IBM noted on the Security Intelligence website of the company that these gadgets has security jeopardy, many of which users are not aware of. “The rising list of vulnerabilities in cyber security in fitness and health devices cause challenging dangers to patients whose health management or privacy relies on the appropriate functioning of these tools,” Patel claimed to the media in his post. “Dealing with the privacy and security concerns related with the consumption of these gadgets is the solution to setting free the advantages they provide to society.”

With the main role that healthcare has in the growth of the IoT segment, as well as the continual search from public for methods to defend their health, the revolution of smart healthcare device displays no symbol of slowing down.