Mars Rover Manipal to Make 2 New Rovers

A student group of engineering undergraduate, Mars Rover Manipal (MRM), which is on a fresh high post turning out to be 8th among the 82 groups from universities all around the globe and 1st in Asian groups, is now busy in making 2 new rovers. One to fight at URC (University Rover Challenge) 2018 and second for opening of Indian Rover Challenge.

MRM, guided by candidates of Manipal Institute of Technology, is striving to contribute and explore to the field of robotics applications and robotics in interplanetary operations. Started in October, 2014, it tends to gain fineness while staying factual to its motto “Design to Discover.”

Mars Rover Manipal to Make 2 New Rovers

Talking about the latest “Rovers,” member of the group Tushar Shahi clarified that rovers are being developed considering the difficulties faced by the last samples and post broad assessment of the same. The group will be mainly aiming on improving its functionality, weight lowering while operating with restricted resources, and robust incorporation of various components. The group is also hard at operation to design a dependable computer vision network to enhance the independent functioning of the rover as well as addition of compound materials to elevate power and make easy reduction of weight.

In order to gain advanced system and new heights in Rovers, various members of the group are busy in technical study regarding the recent “state of the art” technology and developments. They are also busy with members from firms such as Spaceflight, SpaceX, and Honeybee Robotics as well as below the leadership of Y S Upadhyay, the faculty advisor, claimed Tushar.

The yearly University Rover Challenge will be conducted at Mars Desert Research Station in June next year at Hanksville, Utah. It is set up by Mars Society. In June 2017, URC was a new record for the group, where Mars Rover Manipal stood 8th among the 82 groups from schools worldwide. The team gained 1st place amongst all the teams from Asia. A contest that examines a rover on different parameters has been a platform for aficionados all over the globe to show the most excellent rovers that one day might help humans on Mars.