Sony Xperia Hello Interacting Robot Is All Geared Up For Roll Out

Xperia Hello robot of Sony is all geared up roll out in Japan. Revealed at MWC 2016 as an idea, Xperia Hello robot from Sony will hit the market shelves in the nation next month. “Xperia Hello! is an interacting robot that can recognize every member of the family and help with day to day lift just by speaking to it,” claimed Sony on its website in a blog post.

Sony Xperia Hello Interacting Robot Is All Geared Up For Roll Out

The firm states that it is the cutest device that it has rolled out from the time of Aibo, its sequence of pet-supported robots. First rolled out in 1999, Aibo robots were the initial user robot of their type to be provided to the community.

The all-fresh Xperia Hello interacting robots unite Sony Agent Technology with the robotics know-how of the company to assist the users and his family with a complete heap of jobs all over the house.

Below are some of the functions of Sony Xperia Hello interacting robot as listed in the blog post by Sony.

It can recognize the whole family

Sony says that thanks to the 7 microphones and 4 motion sensors of the robot in its lower body, it will notice anyone coming within a radius of 3 Meters. It can then utilize its camera on upper body to recognize whether she/he is a member of the family and communicate any messages, information, or news, as suitable. The torso of the robot features a 4.6-inch touch-screen LCD display that showcases chats and more.

Xperia Hello is also adjusted to keep in mind family events and important days and inform the entire home.

Has a personality

Xperia Hello has an individuality of his own. It is developed from the scratch to feel like a family member, it will evaluate its atmosphere and move or speak as per the situation with no input from human needed. It can rotate itself almost 340 Degrees. Sony Xperia Hello robot can turn itself to welcome anyone who talks to it. It has lights at the upper part of its body that serves as eyes. They are utilized to show feelings such as happiness, loneliness, excitement, and sadness.