Gates Shut, No Keys, Kiran Bedi Jumps Over Hospital Fence in Puducherry

Kiran Bedi, who chooses riding her bicycle usually on weekend field visits to the remote areas of Puducherry, and is on a 5 day trip to Karaikal, a farm of the union territory. The scene was: No keys, Gates Shut, and we see Kiran Bedi Jumping above Hospital boundary marker in Puducherry. Ms Bedi who is 68years oil jumped over the brick barrier as the officials had lost the hospital’s keys (File).

KARAIKAL:  Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi (LG) on Thursday scaled a boundary marker at the site of the management hospital here through a field visit. Ms Bedi jumped over the brick boundary marker as the administrators had misplaced the keys. Ms Bedi, the former woman to unite with the IPS, wished to examine a sculpture of the “Our Lady of Lourdes”, which was actually preserved in a shack encircled by the 3.4-foot-high brick boundary marker.

Gates Shut, No Keys, Kiran Bedi Jumps Over Hospital Fence in Puducherry

On the other hand, she was kept back waiting as the hospice authorities had supposedly lost the keys to the entry of the boundary marker. To everyone’s amazement, the LG unexpectedly jumped over the boundary marker to enter the tool shed. R Kesavan – Karaikal District Collector, V J Chandran – Senior Superintendent of Police and other officials who were present in the circumstance had no choice but chase suit. Ms Bedi, who chooses riding a bicycle visiting fields on her weekends to the outlying regions of Puducherry,she is actually  on a 5 day trip to Karaikal, a commune of the union territory.

On the fourth day of her stopover, the LG went to the hospital to evaluate the services and facilities there and cooperate with the patients. She illustrated the filthy surroundings of the hospital as a reproduction ground for flies and mosquitoes and directed the administrators to clean the place right away. Ms Bedi also intermingled with the patients and held an advice-giving conference with the administrators to settle on on the steps to be taken for enhancing the present condition of the hospital.