Soon Use Smartphone To Travel On Airport Line Of Metro

By the beginning of 2018, commuters utilizing Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro might be allowed to utilize their handsets as an alternative to tokens or smart cards to travel. The DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) is rolling out a new structure at the Airport Express Line that might assist commuters give money for their trip via QR codes made on their handsets.

Soon Use Smartphone To Travel On Airport Line Of Metro

DMRC at all the stations is going to alter AFC (automatic fare collection) gates of the Airport Express Line to make them enabled with QR code. “To offer cashless services to its users, DMRC will incorporate the code entry on Airport Express Line via AFC gates by early 2018. At current stage tokens and smart cards are utilized for travelling in this line,” claimed a spokesperson of the organization to the media in an interview this week here. “The tests are in progress for integration of the system,” the spokesperson further added to this statement.

DMRC claimed that users might be allowed to use Bharat QR code to make transactions while utilizing the airport line. Rolled out by the central government to market cashless payments, the Bharat QR Code will be really handy this time. The code operates with all main banks all over the nation. It is a type of a bar code that utilizes bank information of an individual such as account number and merchant name to make transactions, claimed the spokesperson to the reporters. To utilize the code to give money for the trip, users might first require downloading the application of Bharat QR code on their handsets. The users can then connect their account of the bank with the app and make a QR code.

DMRC has already began a pilot project dubbed as “Dream Gates” at 2 entry gates metro station at Lal Quila and 2 exit gates at metro station of Jama Masjid, via which the users can exit as well as enter utilizing QR codes of e-wallets on their mobiles.

Well, let us see as to when this facility will be public all over the country leading to a smooth experience.