Toblerone Regaining Its Popularity

The Swiss chocolate bar brand, Toblerone, is produced by Mondelēz International, Inc., the US confectionery company. The shape of the Toblerone chocolate was inspired from the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

The increased gap in the Toblerone had created a gap between the fans and the chocolate. The Toblerone chocolate fans were not quite happy with the new version of the chocolate.

The packaging of the chocolate was the same but in the new version, there were huge gaps between the triangles of the chocolate bar.

Toblerone Regaining Its Popularity

Toblerone is a popular chocolate bar and it is quite popular across the world. People buy it from the local supermarkets and even order them online. Everyone is interested in having a bite of Toblerone.

When the manufacturers of the Toblerone announced that the chocolate bar will be undergoing a makeover. This makeover was in order to reduce the weight of the bars. The size of the bars remained untouched but the gaps between each bar had increased.

This new version of the Toblerone has already come into the markets and the chocolate fans were not at all pleased about it.

The BBC report stated that the makers claimed that these changes were required as the cost of the ingredients have increased considerably. To tackle this situation they had two solutions either to change the look and the weight of the bar or increase the cost of the bar. They opted for the former option thus the weight was reduced by few grams. The original weight of the bar was 400 Grams which have now changed to 360 Grams and the chocolate bar that weighed 170 Gram is now 150 Gram.

This change made by the company didn’t go well with the consumers. But now Toblerone has regained its lost popularity. The company had changed the look of the chocolate but continued to sell them at affordable prices and now the consumers are not giving up to taste their favorite chocolate.

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