Rising awareness about health benefits of flax seeds to spur its market

Rising awareness about health benefits of flax seeds to spur its market

A flax seed is a fiber crop with a high nutritional value. In human diet, they function as a liagnins source. They have numerous advantages such as promotes weight loss, balance hormones, fights obesity & cancer, and enhances digestive system. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that assist in reducing the blood cholesterol and blood pressure. They also contain asignificant quantity of proteins. As they are non-toxic in nature, are safe for consumption by humans. Apart from its nutritional advantages, they also function as an anti-depressant compound. A heavy toll is taken on the nervous system by depression that further leads to several health issues such as cognitive changes, low immune system, low appetite, and weight issues. Hence, the intake of these seeds can aid to lessen depression, thus, nurturing the nerve functions and helping one to stay healthy.

Thus, the nutritional value of this seed is driving the growth of its market. Few of the factors influencing the growth of the flax seeds market are mentioned in detail below.

Rising alertness about the health advantages of flaxseeds

These seeds are shown to reduce cholesterol & blood pressure and also assist in preventing diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and cardiovascular diseases. The adoption of these seeds by the consumers owing to the rising attentiveness regarding the several health benefits due to its consumption is fueling the growth of the market.

Rising awareness about health benefits of flax seeds to spur its market

Growing digit of vegetarians and vegans

A vegan diet is a component of the bigger vegan lifestyle, which powerfully supports animal rights and a practical look out for the environment. Individuals taking up a vegan lifestyle make a mindful attempt to keep themselves away from animal origin products, be it clothing, accessories, or food. They prefer healthy alternatives for dairy, meat, and other conventional protein sources. With a stable increase in people who follow a lifestyle of vegetarian and vegan, flaxseeds are upcoming as a viable substitute for dairy and meat.

Wide reach through organized retailing

Organized vendors have grown globally with the rising recognition of hypermarkets, specialty stores, and supermarkets. Superfoods such as flaxseeds are retailed basically by big organized merchants. The supermarkets have set up themselves as key distribution outlets providing affordable and nutritious food.