Rising awareness about health benefits to spur the frozen yogurt market

Rising awareness about health benefits to spur the frozen yogurt market

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert prepared with yogurt and at times with other dairy products. It is generally tarter than ice cream and also low in fat. It is distinct from conventional soft serve and ice milk. It may not or may have active and live bacteria cultures. There are several factors that contribute to the growth of the frozen yogurt market; few of which are detailed below.

Health benefits linked to frozen yogurt

Consumers’ busy lifestyles have directed them to seek for ways to abide by a healthy lifestyle. This has encouraged several to swap normal yogurts and ice creams to frozen yogurt, which delivers many health benefits. It is prepared from enriched milk that includes fat-soluble vitamin D and A. It has probiotics that help in subduing the development of other harmful bacteria and enzymes that assist in digestion. It also consists of good bacteria that enhance the immune system by catalyzing essential vitamins, including B2 and B1. It is also deemed good for cardiovascular health and also comprises huge quantities of probiotics and prebiotics, which help in improving liver health, preventing colon cancer, and enhancing oral health.Rising awareness about health benefits to spur the frozen yoghurt market

Extensive reach through organized retailing

Coupled with the rising population, there are has been a rise in organized retail globally with the introduction of the supermarket, specialty stores, and hypermarkets. This has also driven the growth of the worldwide frozen yogurt market. As consumer inclination is retracting toward super marts, merchants have amplified their requirement for more shelf space to outspread their reach. Even though new self-service machines are obtainable in the market, several merchants prefer retail shops.

Producing interest via marketing campaigns and innovative packaging

Merchants in the market are implementing integrated marketing communication with the use of social media such as Facebook and YouTube, magazines, and newspapers to retail their products. A significant part is played by these communication platforms in creating product attentiveness. Players are also rolling out innovative advertising drives, such as school events, that stimulate the frozen yogurt consumption. They are also endorsing their products via celebrity endorsements, exhibiting them as the newest trend in healthy food.