Rise in demand for Automated Vehicles to spur the collision avoidance system market

Rise in demand for Automated Vehicles to spur the collision avoidance system market

Collision avoidance system is safety alertness or a forewarning system developed to decrease the brutality of a crash. Such systems are extensively utilized in mining and automobile sectors to circumvent mishaps. It is also referred as a pre-crash system, collision mitigating system, or forward collision warning system. This device assists in sensing the forthcoming strike, cautioning the driver about any crash. These systems are interposed within the automobile to enable autonomous and semi-autonomous decision-making. Furthermore, such systems take action automatically without any participation from the driver.

Few of the factors influencing the growth of the collision avoidance market are detailed below.

Enhanced visibility and improved safety

Decreased visibility circumstances such as fog often result in multiple vehicle collisions with the severe outcomes. The collision avoidance systems inform the driver whenever the automobile is in a state to crash or collide on to the upfront thing that helps in crash/collision avoidance, predominantly in decreased visibility situations. Furthermore, this assists in the advancement of the safety of the automobile and the occupants as well, which in turn impels the growth of the collision avoidance system market.

Rise in demand for automated vehicles

In recent years, there has been significant progress in the automated driving systems. Few of the vehicles sold these days have taken up automated operations. The automated system presents improved safety, less stress level, and reduced congestions for car occupants. Owing to the existence of such features, the demand has been increased for the automated vehicles, thus driving the market growth.

Rise in demand for Automated Vehicles to spur the collision avoidance system market

Rise in automotive safety standards

The safety of the automobile plays a vital part in avoiding the collision or reducing the impact. The least basic safety norms for the vehicle industry and manufacturer comprise standards on seat-belts, side & frontal impact protect occupants, pedestrian protection, ISOFIX child restraint anchorage point, and electronic stability control. Moreover, there is a rise in trend to embrace safety norms as basic feature that generates lucrative avenues for the market growth.

High cost of installation

Collision avoidance systems need sensors such as optical sensors, acoustic sensors, and electromagnetic sensors, which add to the overall price of the system. Thus, high installation price can hamper the collision avoidance system market growth.