User-Friendly Technological Improvements To Uplift The Growth Of Digital Maps Market

User-Friendly Technological Improvements To Uplift The Growth Of Digital Maps Market

The major factor influencing the growth of the digital maps market is the rise in the use of advanced technologies and 3D platforms for surveying and creating digital maps. The digital map, also referred as cartography, is basically an electronic map whose functioning is based on a blend of graphic elements allocated to it in the type of electronic data. It is founded on naturally collected and coursed into digital cartographic information.

Digital mapping is a procedure of compilation and collection of information to create a virtual picture. The accumulated information is utilized to create digital maps that precisely signify a specific geographical feature or area, comprising major roads, rivers, and main landmarks such as airports, hospitals, and so on. The technology of digital mapping can also be utilized to assess the distance between distinct places.

Over the past few years, the usage of smartphones has augmented considerably. It is quite evident that more than half of the population of the world uses smartphones now. A majority of the smartphones comprise a radio chip that lets the user access the positional data and online mapping applications from their smartphones directly by getting pointers from the satellite navigation systems and finding out their location. For example, users depend on the mapping apps such as City mapper and Google Maps for directions and locations or for searching places such as banks, restaurants, gas stations, or ATMs.

There are numerous technological improvements in digital maps such as roadblocks, traffic updates, landmarks, updated places of interest, and others, which makes the digital map more easy to use. Moreover, the rise in contest among the digital map technology providers is impelling the merchants to augment their product portfolios and to improve their technology to provide more easy-to-use maps to the users. For example, Snapchat has introduced a new user-friendly feature known as “Snap Map” that enables users to spot position of their friends and much more.

Nevertheless, growth in implementation of free crowd-sourcing digital maps, legal challenges, and stringent regulations might hamper the growth of the digital maps market. However, the increase in implementation of real-time digital maps provides a strong prospect for the digital map.