A New Cruiser Of 230 CC Will Be Soon Rolled Out By UM Motorcycles

A New Cruiser Of 230 CC Will Be Soon Rolled Out By UM Motorcycles

UM Motorcycles is gearing up to introduce the new cruiser at the Indian Auto Expo. This motorcycle will have a 230 cc single cylinder air-cooled engine, which will efficiently generate the peak power of 19 BHP of power. UM will introduce this motorcycle as a cruiser in the domestic market to boost the sale. Most of the parts this new cruiser will be taken from its existing Renegade range bikes.

The company presently sells only four models in the Indian market. These are Renegade Spots S, Renegade Commando, and Renegade Classic. All these models have a liquid cylinder engine of 280 CC, which generates power of 25 BHP and peak torque of 23 Newtons.

UM Motorcycles has been constantly trying to challenge Royal Enfield for some time now. This new bike is coming in all new 350 CC category. This new bike will challenge the Royal Enfield Classic 350, which is one of the best selling models in India.

Its design is also expected to be similar to the Renegade models. Large headlamps, compact windshield, analog and digital display, chunky fuel tanks make the look of the motorcycle muscular. There will be a low position rider seat, which will give you the best experience in sitting. Split pillon rider seat will also be assembled in it. The backrest will be given for Comfort and UM LED taillight will also be offered in this bike.

Motorcycle for braking duty is equipped with disc brakes. Both the wheels will be black and made up of alloy wheels. The vehicle is expected to rival with can Royal Enfield 350 classic with the same price range.

UM motors, in short period, have emerged in the market appreciably with the introduction of four heavy-duty motorcycles and direct competition with one of the toughest dominator Royal Enfield.