Delhi Court: Without A Woman’s Consent No One Can Touch Her

Delhi Court: Without A Woman’s Consent No One Can Touch Her

The Delhi court states that no man without the consent of a woman can touch her but there are still cases of molestation and women being the victim of sexually pervert and lecherous males. The court noticed this in the judgment on the 9-year-old sexually assault girl case where the convict has been punished with a 5-year jail.

Seema Maini, the Judge of Additional Sessions, vigorously punished Chavi Ram, the resident of UP who was convicted of molesting a minor in the year 2014 at Mukherjee Nagar’s market in Delhi. The court also commented that the woman is solely entitled to determine who has a right to her body and whom she doesn’t want to give her consent. The court further explained that “Right to Privacy” has been largely unrecognized by the men in the society while thinking that a woman’s consent isn’t necessary and therefore, men pacify their ruthless desire by assaulting females of any age.

The court imposed a fine on the convict “Ram” of Rs 10,000 and considering him as a pervert directed the officials for not showing any leniency on him. The judge also stated that half of the fine amount would be given to the victim while also requested “Delhi State Legal Service Authority” for paying Rs 50,000 to the girl.

As per the complaint lodged on September 25, 2014, the mother and daughter were in Mukherjee Nagar’s market where Chiva intentionally touched the girl in an inappropriate manner and tried to sexually assault her. The accused starting running, as soon as he saw the child informing her mother about the incident at the very moment. With the help of the people in the market, the mother caught hold of him.

Chiva later claimed that he was being framed due to misunderstanding as the market was crowded with people and during the chaos, the real culprit ran away. However, his claims were rejected by the Delhi court and stated that Chiva willingly took advantage of the crowd and molested the girl while tried to run away later.