Samsung Displayed Its Foldable Handset At CES 2018

Samsung Displayed Its Foldable Handset At CES 2018

DJ Koh, the mobile chief of Samsung, at the CES 2018 verified that the firm will be rolling its first flagship handset at MWC 2018 event. He on the other hand, claimed that the first foldable handset of the company will be coming in 2019. What he might not have cited is that the firm privately displayed that foldable smartphones to particular sellers at the event of CES 2018.

As per a report by the local media, Samsung displayed its foldable handset to particular users at the event. The tech behemoth is also claimed to have cited the roll out time period of the selected handset. The report claims that the manufacture of the foldable handset is expected to start by the end of 2018. In addition to this, it has been unveiled that the handset might sport a 7.3-inch display. It is worth citing that Samsung in 2017 at MWC 2017 too unveiled the foldable handset but this time it displayed an updated edition of the same.

The handset is being claimed as the “Galaxy X” and supposedly went via certification of Bluetooth. The firm also filed a copyright for the similar device lately. As per LetsGoDigital website, the company filed a copyright with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The patent displayed the handset featuring 2 screens with a portion of metal incorporated in between them, representing the handset to be a “foldable” one. The design of the handset appears same to the ZTE Axon M.

In addition to this, it was cited that the “Galaxy X” or the foldable handset will arrive with 3 antennas so the networks do not get in the way if the handset gets folded. For now, the firm is aiming on its forthcoming flagship, Galaxy S9. And hence, we will need to wait for one more year for the foldable handset to hit the shelves.