Global Gold Nanoparticles Market – Insights and Trends 2016 – 2024

Nanoparticles are the type of particles whose one dimension is measured to be around 1nm to 100nm in size. Nanoparticles are differentiated as metal nanoparticles and non-metal nanoparticles. Recently there is an increase in demand for metal nanoparticles. This led to the discovery of the use of gold in preparation of gold nanoparticles. Gold is a soft metal which has various properties like the good conductor of heat and electricity, inert metal and a good reflector of infrared. Due to these properties, there is an increase in demand for gold nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticles are being widely employed in bionanotechnology due to their unique properties and multiple surface functionalities. The versatile surface chemistry of gold nanoparticles allows them to be coated with small molecules, polymers, and biological recognition molecules, thereby increasing their applications in different fields.

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Gold Nanoparticles Market

Gold Nanoparticles Market

Due to its light-weight property, gold nanoparticles are now being used in glass and optics industry. Therefore the ultra-light weight of gold nanoparticles drives its use in various fields, which increase the growth of the market. Gold nanoparticles have attracted great interests in the fields of biological and medical applications in past few years. The increase in awareness about healthcare and investment in policies related to healthcare has also driven the growth of the global gold nanoparticles market. Gold nanoparticles also have several biotechnological applications such as sensory probes, drug delivery and therapy techniques, which is expected to fuel the market growth. Due to the increase in demand for compact storage devices and use of nanoparticles in photovoltaic cells, there is an increase in demand for gold nanoparticles in the electronics industry. However, due to the stringent rules in various regions and increase in instances of toxicity of gold nanoparticles may hinder the growth of the market.

Based on application, the market is segmented into imaging, targeted drug delivery, proton therapy, in-vitro assays and others. Imaging segment is expected to dominate the global gold nanoparticles market during in the forecast period. It is estimated that targeted drug delivery will show significant growth in the forecast period.

Based on the end user, the market is segmented into healthcare, electronics, chemicals and others. Healthcare is anticipated to dominate the global gold nanoparticles market in the future.

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North America is projected to continue its supremacy, in global gold nanoparticles market, which will be followed by Europe, in the forthcoming years. Increase in investment in healthcare is leading to the demand for gold nanoparticles market in these regions. The Asia Pacific is expected to show the highest growth in the demand for the market.

Some of the key players in the global gold nanoparticles market are BBI Solutions, Johnson Matthey Plc, Meliorum Technologies, Inc., Innova Biosciences, Cytodiagnostics, Cline Scientific, NanoComposix and Tanaka Holdings. Major players are frequently engaged in developing efficient gold nanoparticles which can be used in various fields.